Gray Fossil Site

Scenes and Activities

Aerial photograph of excavation, looking southeast. State Route 75 is along bottom,
Fulkerson Road excavation, center. Photo by George Hornal, TN Department of Transportation.

Excavations to see and sample the layered clays, May 31, the day the first bones were found.

Reporters swarm the site after newspaper stories appear. Among many others are Nick Fielder,
Tenn. Division of Archaeology, far left, and Dr. Michael Clark, UT Knoxville, speaking to reporters.

Sampling for paleomagnetic dating. Clays in pit are
light gray, and contain leaf imprints, but no
bones or gravels. Samplers include Michael Clark,
UT Knoxville, and Ira Sasowsky, U of Akron.
  The "ledge" in the dipping beds is a large bone
fragment. Shown are Harry Moore and Larry Bolt
Tenn. Dept of Transportation, and Marta Adams,
UT Knoxville.


Another view of deep sampling pit, Marta Adams,
UT Knoxville perched on ledge.

Trench cut in Fulkerson Road, southern embankment.

Typical afternoon at Gray Site, while Knoxville was in the midst of a drought. Photo Robert Price.

Appearance of Fulkerson cut after being seeded, south slope in background. New chain link fence, capped with barbed wire, is visible above and behind the cut. Photo Dr. Robert Hatcher.

Split-spoon core taken from Route 75 right of way. When split, it reveals typical layering, somewhat deformed by coring operation. Photo, Robert Price. Core courtesy of TN Department of Transportation.

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