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Tapir and other bones
Click for photo of skeleton, Baird's Tapir.

All magnifications refer to a 13 inch (32 cm) wide screen set to 800 x 600 pixels. The scanning resolution, directly proportional to magnification, is included as the last part of the file name. Right-click the image to obtain this information.

Tapir humerus, natural size.


Various bones, and free epiphyses, x 2/3, probably from tapirs.

Various bones, including ribs, probably from tapirs, natural size.


An assortment of vertebrae from different positions along the spine, probable tapir, natural size.

Additional vertebrae, disarticulated, natural size.

Components of hind tapir foot, upper surface, astragalus and calcaneum, left, and
base of tibia/fibula, lower left. Two tarsal bones and three phalanges (toe bones)
are missing. Approximately natural size. Earl Manning indicates that this right pes
(hind foot) includes the calcaneum, astragalus, navicular, cuboid and ectocuneiform.
It's missing the two smallest tarsals, the mesocuneiform and entocuneiform.

Components of hind tapir foot, planar surface, approximately natural size.

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