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Tapir teeth and jaws

All magnifications refer to a 13 inch (32 cm) wide screen set to 800 x 600 pixels. The scanning resolution, directly proportional to magnification, is included as the last part of the file name. Right-click the image to obtain this information.

Tapir mandible (lower jaw), approximately natural size. Typical crushed preservation.


Well preserved nearly complete mandible, recovered in three pieces, 2/3 natural size.


Detail of teeth, 2x.


Right side of maxilla (upper jaw), with front incisors, inner and outer surfaces. Approximately natural size.

Left maxilla, outer surface.

Left maxilla, detail of teeth. 2X enlargement. *Earl Manning, Tulane University, New Orleans, has pointed out
that this reconstruction and the one above are not anatomically correct. Look carefully at the teeth


Maxilla fragments with molars, slightly enlarged.


Detail of above, 4X enlargement.

Lower teeth showing varying degrees of wear. Left, slightly enlarged; right, 2X.

Incisor, 8X.

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